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Alberta Ferretti spring 2014


Fairy tales… You’re a bit too old to be filling your head with such nonsense.

El Laberinto del Fauno, 2006 | Guillermo del Toro.


flower covered areas


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i’m not even going to wait until october this year

the ghost jokes have begun


Aristocrazy 2013


03/2013 - Yokohama,Japan


“And thus fell the eye of the Maker upon Andraste, she who would be raised up from outcast to become His bride. From her lips would fall the Chant of Light, at her command would the legions of righteousness fall upon the world”

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Production DesignGhost in the Shell (1995)

My intuition told me that this story about a futuristic world carried an immediate message for our present world. I am also interested in computers through my own personal experience with them. There are only a few movies, even out of Hollywood, which clearly portray the influence and power of computers. I thought this theme would be more effectively conveyed through animation. - director Mamoru Oshii; P.D. by Hiromasa Ogura


Mod Yves Saint Laurent, 1969.